Service Projects

Beautiful Day

Year Round

6 - 12 People

Santa Clara County

Bd365 is a platform that empowers you to do Beautiful Day-like projects throughout the year. Potential projects could be needs that you see in your neighborhoods, among friends or in your life group. Beautiful Day can come alongside you to share resources that can help you complete your projects.


How does it work?

You see a need in the community that can be accomplished with a small group of volunteers (not more than 15) in one day (ie: two shifts of 4 hours). 

Beautiful Day will come alongside you with resources that can help you complete your project. 

How can you get started?

Fill out the following project inquiry form and some from our team will be in touch with you. 

Types of Projects

Neighborhood needs:

  • Trash pickup
  • Maintaining of public spaces/parks
  • A neighborhood library
  • Yard work or house repair assistance for neighbors in need. Elderly, single parents, etc..

Request a BD 365 Project

BD 365 Project Inquiry Form